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  2. Bye Gems.

    Bye Gems.

  3. I think I have severe emotional problems that most likely require therapy. Just saying…

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  6. Goes to work. Tries to make art at a corporate tv station. Gets told pacing is too slow and boring. Gets frustrated. Thinks of oneself as a bad artist. Gives up, slashes edit. Drinks beer on train. Gives up again.

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  8. nevver:

    Everything, painted blue

    I want to see magical places. I don’t want to see city anymore.

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    The cabin in the woods

    Goals. Even if foolish. 

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    We go forward.


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    That ending 

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  11. A  film student from my college died recently. I did not know him because he was a freshmen the year after I graduated. My Facebook feed has been flooded with posts in his memory. A great sense of community has formed from all of the students who have gone through that program.

    But no one seems to be talking about how he died. No one seems to be mentioning the terrible, horrifying details. No fingers are being pointed at the ones responsible. No one seems to care that the reason he fell asleep behind the wheel and crashed into a telephone pole is because he had just worked two ridiculously long days on a production that was being run by two faculty members. No one seems to care how fucked up that shit is.      

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  12. I have a slight obsession with these stacks.