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    Papercraft, Maud Vantours

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  2. Also I don’t get carded anymore. Anywhere.

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  3. I went home this weekend. It felt like a warm blanket, but left me searching for next steps. Returning to the old stomping grounds no longer felt as though traveling through time. The 17 year olds sneaking vodka shots on the late train ride home made me feel aged, like a cheese. The college town students roaming the streets in search of spring, seemed surprisingly young to my eyes. The trees that had replaced the once great climbers of my youth, now loom over the house in a way that appears too great for their short existence. 

    I feel an entire chunk of my life is missing, as if lifted from memory and compressed. I missed all these changes. The progress of my surroundings fuels concerns over the status of myself. 

  4. I need a piece of equipment that looks like this. I don’t care what it does. 

    I need a piece of equipment that looks like this. I don’t care what it does. 

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  5. Here is that tumblr for your tumblr I promised. 

    New Edit for Bloomberg. 

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  7. About to put some tumblr in your tumbler.

    About to put some tumblr in your tumbler.

  8. I had the perfect buzz going today. The kind of buzz that starts around 2 PM in the afternoon and continues right into the magic hour of reflected orange light. The city, from my stoop, felt alive and energetic as it’s occupants thawed from the cold winter.

    And then the buzz died and I got depressed again. The end.

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  9. I like my morning commute primarily because the train cars ride elevated above the streets for the first 5 minutes. Manhattan’s sun kissed buildings beckon from across the river, guarded by the lattice work of the immense Queensboro Bridge. The NQ takes a sharp turn at the plaza, allowing rays of light to parade across the passengers inside, illuminating their faces and glaring their smartphone screens. 

    My eyes followed the dance of photons across the car floor, eventually resting on the face of a wide-eyed occupant. He had a strong chiseled face like something from a magazine cover, but his smile, and giddy look of anticipation, quickly dulled the hard edges. The overall effect was one of immense cuteness. I could tell from the darting of his eyes, and somewhat manic motion in which he tried to see out every window simultaneously, that New York City had a new inhabitant.

    The train barreled down the grade just before the East River. A spark jettisoned from the electrical pickup just as our car entered the tunnel, adding an ominous crackle to the familiar pressure pop in everyones ears. And as the windows went dark, I saw the eyes of the new rider fall to the floor in disappointment. The anticipation would have to suffice for just a while longer.

    I wanted to take him by the hand and show him what the city had to offer. I wanted to learn for myself what the city had to offer. But my stop was next, and before my brain could manage to recall how many times this exact situation had occurred, I felt that all familiar rush of trash air as the train raced out of the station behind me. Another missed connection, careening towards the tunnels vanishing point.         

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Untitled, 2012
Alexander Alekseenko


    Untitled, 2012

    Alexander Alekseenko

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  11. Im apartment hunting right now so naturally this is what I am expecting. 

    Im apartment hunting right now so naturally this is what I am expecting. 

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    Animated artwork by Rebecca Mock

    Fine, detailed and subtle animated artwork created by New York illustrator Rebecca Mock. Apparently the animated gif back to stay, gradually more and more people are exploring this old format and customers asking for shouting. Several of these illustrations were created for the New York Times or The Warlus magazine.

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